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“Hi.. I have to admit that your argan oil is giving a great influence on my skin. Many friends noticed changes and asked me.. what I use?”

Happy Trindira, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It’s truly a bliss ! Thank you Amazigh Argan Oil, I’ more comfortable with my skin now as it’s soft and supple.

Ma Janice Maningo, Mont Kiara, Malaysia

I always feel good about using products of Argan Amazigh as it is organic, I use first Moroccan Argan Soap to cleanse my face , I love it so much, then follow by argan amazigh oil which is really fantastic for my skin and I used it for my curly frizzy hair. It keeps the frizzies away and leaves the curls shiny. Thanks a lot Argan Amazigh, you make my life happier!

Sandra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am very pleased with Argan Amazigh Oil brand. It is pure argan oil, it absorbs very easily (no greasiness ) and leaves my skin hydrated and feeling soft.

Siti Khadija Abdel Karim, Kota Damansara, Malaysia

I am so glad to send you my testimonial about your lovely Argan Oil.I use Argan Amazigh Oil on my face, hair and nails. I am very excited that I find it to be a better natural moisturizer than most hydrating creams and oils that I have tried before.

Ana Kh, Johor Baru

“….after 3 drops of Moroccan Argan oil (Argan Amazigh oil) is used, the hair becomes much more conditioned, softer and easier to shape up. The following morning too the hair becomes much glossy ! This oil which remarkably high in vitamin E is no doubt is effective for beauty treatment ! ”

Panora, Japanese Magazine

Before I was introduced to Amazigh, I’ve been using 3 different brand of argan oil but never fully satisfied with the results.I continue my search looking for ‘miracles’ of the liquid gold which had led me to my fourth brand i.e. Argan Amazigh oil.

The product is just what I’ve been looking for. I can feel the difference when the original touches my skin and Voila! It simply delivers what is promised. I’m sure my skin thanked me for that. Even though this is just my first bottle from this brand ‘Amazigh’, I am however satisfied and happy with the texture of my skin,nails and hair.

Thanks to ‘Hope-in-a-bottle’ Argan Amazigh!

Aiyesha Um Jibreel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

This Argan Oil is organic and cold pressed … my skin is very sensitive.I love this oil! I am amazed how  soft it makes my skin, and it is not greasy at all !! it does have an initial nutty smell but the scent goes away within a  minute or two. I highly recommend this brand of Argan Amazigh.

Hayat Mansour, London, UK

I discovered this fantastic product of Argan Amazigh oil about 6 months ago and have been using it since.  My skin is more hydrated and is so soft, I even think some of my fine lines are diminishing ! Although it’s an oil but very quickly absorbed and gives my skin a healthy glow. After applying on my face I massage whats left into my cuticles, it’s such a great multipurpose oil.

Tracia, British expatriate from Mont Kiara

I can really attest that Argan Amazigh Oil works great. Really, a must try for everyone who’s seeking for a fitter body and flawless face and body.

Khadija binti Saleh, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia