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Secure Payment

Argan Amazigh does not have any access to your identifiers and card numbers banking.


Customers can be rest assured 100 % that all online transactions via our website is safe and highly secured as it is powered by MOLPay (Formerly known as NBePay), one of the leading internet payment gateway provider in Malaysia. MOLPay has received various recognitions such as Merit Award in the MSC Malaysia Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2008 and MEPS FPX Most Outstanding Merchant 2009. MOLPay services comply with the global data security standard – Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – and also, the Malaysian Payment System Act 2003


Paypal is used worldwide and is recognized for its stringent security measures.
You may make your payment by debit or credit card, prepaid card, or transfer of funds on secure server of Paypal. Your order is immediately taken into account and is confirmed by e-mail. Your banking co-ordinates are never transmitted to our website.


You may make your payment by bank transfer, specifying the reference number. Our bank details will be transmitted at the end of your order on the website and by e-mail. In reply to the e-mail, please confirm that your bank transfer has been sent. Your order will be sent as soon as we receive your payment. If payment is not received within twenty (20) days of the registration order, the order will be cancelled.

We appreciate how important security is to you. We implement various security measures in accordance with industry standards to protect the security of your personal information, both online and offline.

If you have any questions about security and this site, please send us an email at arganamazigh@yahoo.com